Partner Spotlight: Larky, Push notifications — for more than just account balance

Larky is a proud partner with Bankjoy, and we’re excited to work together to help banks and credit unions better engage with their account holders!

What does that mean, exactly? Larky helps financial institutions proactively reach their audience at the right time and place through push notification messaging delivered through the mobile banking app. Not sure if push notifications (the banners that pop up on your phone’s lock screen) are right for you? Check out this data:

  • About 85% of account holders consent to push notification messaging from their bank or credit union
  • Average tap rate is 15% (compared to 2% for email)
  • FIs use push notifications to promote operational announcements, new products and services, community events, security alerts, brand awareness and more! 

“At Larky, we want to help financial institutions succeed with push notifications, and I think we’re in a unique position to do that by analyzing the data from our own clients to provide insights and trends,” said Kurt Schaldenbrand, CTO and VP of Product at Larky. “One such trend we’ve found is that when FIs leverage the platform responsibly and send curated, meaningful alerts, account holders do not abandon the platform. Instead, the rate of adoption grows over time – which creates a real and meaningful opportunity for engagement."

Fun fact: Larky is already integrated into Bankjoy’s mobile banking platform, so no dedicated IT resource is needed. Implementation takes only a few weeks and requires minimal resource commitment from the financial institution for testing and training. 

For more data about push notification messaging, check out Larky’s quarterly Larky Lowdown report.