Boost user engagement by offering timely account information and personalized offers across any channel

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Statements provide sensitive account details such as charges, deposits, withdrawals, and deductions, along with the account holder's name, account number and balances

Fully Responsive

Statements are available for both online and mobile banking, and are fully responsive to provide the best user experience possible

Direct Integration

E-Statements directly integrates with your core, reducing time and effort so there's no need to manually input client information
Users can easily turn off or on e-statements, with no additional work needed from staff

Small, Fast and Efficient

File sizes are only 10% the size of a traditional PDF, allowing for longer time periods and faster loading

SafeAmerica gets its tech-savvy members excited about digital banking.

SafeAmerica Credit Union is nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, a hub of innovation where some of the world’s largest tech companies reside. As a result, their membership — consisting of a large percentage of tech company employees — naturally have high expectations for their digital experiences.
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Why Bankjoy?

Our digital banking platform empowers credit unions and banks to offer engaging, sticky statement experiences that help boost retention

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