Duncan Kicks Credit Union Technology Up a Notch

Michael Duncan quite literally blazed his own career path by teaching himself how to code in high school.

When the programming class he was hoping to take his senior year of high school was no longer available, he created his own. He went to the principal and got special permission to teach himself. Then, he developed his own curriculum, and the school provided him with an office, an internet connection and an hour a day to learn the ins and outs of coding.

“I taught myself how to code … I learned algorithms and data structures. I think it really helped when I went to college the next year – it gave me a head start on some of the subjects I got into,” Duncan recalled.

This career path was not just a coincidence for Duncan, but rather a dream he’s had his entire life.

“I had always been dreaming of being an entrepreneur,” Duncan said. “I looked up to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and thought, I want to create something really great for the world like these guys. It took me a long time to figure out a path on how to get there.”

The Trailblazers 40 Below honoree said he believes you can achieve anything if you have a goal and create discipline.

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