Velera: Momentum for Your Mission

Product Spotlight: The Velera / Bankjoy Integration

Velera’s (formerly CO-OP) Digital Issuance and CardNav Features Are Available for our Credit Union Clients in June 2024

In an increasingly digital world, managing personal finances securely and efficiently is key. One such innovation created on the strength of this trend is CO-OP's API integration which allows digital issuance and push-provisioning to wallet. Not only does it benefit your members by enabling effortless digital card payments, but it also helps Bankjoy clients increase card service stickiness and card-related revenue. Another such innovation is CardNav, a robust mobile application that empowers credit union members with greater control over their debit and credit cards. Here’s how CO-OP API and CardNav, when integrated with Bankjoy’s online banking platform, can benefit Bankjoy’s credit unions and their members:

1. Digital Issuance and Streamlined Card Replacement

The CO-OP API integration empowers users to manage their cards seamlessly within digital banking. Users can request and display their full card information, including card number, expiration date, and CVV, providing immediate access for those waiting for their physical card or dealing with lost or damaged cards. Additionally, users can report a card as lost or stolen and request a reissued card without contacting the institution, streamlining the process and eliminating unnecessary communication.

2. Real-Time Control and Security

CardNav offers real-time control over your cards, providing you with the ability to manage financial transactions on the go. You can instantly turn your cards on or off with a simple tap, reducing the risk of fraud if your card is lost or stolen. This feature is particularly useful for preventing unauthorized transactions and maintaining peace of mind.

3. Customizable Alerts

Stay informed about spending and avoid unexpected charges with customizable alerts. CardNav allows your members to set up alerts for various activities, such as when a transaction exceeds a certain amount, when a purchase is made online or internationally, or when a transaction occurs outside of your members’ set geographic location. These alerts also help detect suspicious behavior promptly.

4. Transaction Limits

Bankjoy integration with CardNav allows members to set transaction limits, adding an extra layer of security. Members can specify spending limits for different types of transactions, ensuring that they stay within budget.

Woman using credit card on vacation

5. Enhanced Travel Convenience

Traveling can be stressful, especially when it comes to managing finances abroad. CardNav simplifies this by allowing members to set travel notifications, ensuring that transactions are not flagged as suspicious while away. You can also use the app to adjust settings according to member travel plans, providing seamless access to members’ funds.


When integrated into Bankjoy’s online banking platform, CO-OP’s card control set is a powerful service that enhances the security, convenience, and financial management capabilities for credit union members. By leveraging the app’s features, members can gain greater control over their cards, protect themselves from fraud, and manage their finances more effectively. Call your CSM today for more details.