Product Feature Focus: April 2024

Product Feature Focus: April 2024

The Bankjoy/Corelation partnership represents one of the industry’s most tested digital banking/core integrations available. Clients realize a range of benefits allowing them to provide their members with the user experience needed in an increasingly competitive market.

Screenshot of Bankjoy's Online Account Opening "Account Selection" feature

Online Account Opening Integration Enables Rapid Member Account Opening:

With this integration, opportunity stages are automatically inserted into Key Insight, allowing for easy tracking of an applicant's progress through each step of the account opening process. Each stage corresponds to a specific step in the workflow, ensuring that credit union employees have real-time visibility into an applicant's progress without needing to manually insert the stages themselves.

‘Skip a pay integration’ Enables Greater Loan Payment Flexibility

'Skip A Pay' is a lifeline for credit union members during difficult financial times. It is seamlessly integrated with Corelation’s core, allowing members to defer a loan payment when they need it most.

Screenshot of Bankjoy's "Skip a Pay" feature

Streamlined ACH Workflow Improves Credit Unions’ Operational Efficiency

Bankjoy simplifies the ACH transfer process enabling the easy transfer of funds from external accounts. Specifically, our extensive integration with keystone ACH origination table provides a centralized view of all ACH transfers giving credit unions greater control and visibility over their financial operations.

Bankjoy mobile platform - Principal Payment screen

Principal Only loan Payment Increases Member Flexibility and Facilitates Deposit Growth of the Credit Unions

With this integration, members can make additional payments towards their loan principal at any time, as long as the loan is not past due. These payments can be made directly through the Bankjoy platform while KeyStone automatically updates the loan balance and payment history in real-time.

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