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Partner Spotlight: Vertifi’s newly released FedNow!

Bankjoy will resell Vertifi’s Instant Payments Solution for the FedNow Service

Vertifi Software, a leading provider of payments processing technology and innovative financial services solutions, has been selected to implement the systems and technology required for Bankjoy’s instant payments solution using the FedNow® Service. The Federal Reserve anticipates 2024 will be a year of rapid adoption and service innovation for the FedNow Service, and they are themselves taking steps to advance both goals and transition from service launch to standard operations.

Best of all, Vertifi is available today!

  • With Vertifi, Bankjoy clients have full access to the state-of-the-art FedNow infrastructure without extensive upgrades to existing systems
  • Vertifi eliminates the need to develop, maintain, or operate the FedNow network’s complex ISO® 20022 message specification and communication protocols
  • Vertifi also includes an administrative platform with powerful tools to mitigate risk and manage system performance, the same robust administrative platform employed by Vertifi’s RDC clients today.

Connect with your Client Service Manager today to learn more!