Online Account Opening

Elegant and fast, online and mobile account opening designed for credit unions and banks sets the stage for fast, satisfying onboarding

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With Bankjoy’s quick, easy, and seamlessly integrated online account opening, your members and clients will feel that they’re joining a financial institution that cares about their banking needs

Offer Loan Applicants Instant Decisioning

Deliver immediate decisions for applicants
Easily integrate with tested third-party vendors

Human-Centered Design

Offer an elegant onboarding experience that can be completed in minutes

Branded Experience

All integrations remain compatible with your branded interface
Customize the look and feel of your account opening process

Reduce Fraud and Boost Security

Applicants can easily upload their photo ID to confirm their identity
Includes validation against ChexSystems, OFAC and other compliance services

SafeAmerica gets its tech-savvy members excited about digital banking.

SafeAmerica Credit Union is nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, a hub of innovation where some of the world’s largest tech companies reside. As a result, their membership — consisting of a large percentage of tech company employees — naturally have high expectations for their digital experiences.
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Why Bankjoy?

Our elegant, online account opening service is designed to help your financial institution grow by offering a sound first-experience with your credit union or bank.

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